• Suspender;
  • Belt "Tactical" with strap;
  • Pouch "2SVD / 1GRENADE" - 6 pieces;
  • Combat backpack;

The Russian LBE RPS-SVD in digital flora (EMR) camo. This tactical vest is analog of SMERSH-SVD by SSO/SPOSN, but more lightweight and with better price. It is intended for storage and transportation of ammunition and personal equipment. In this system, the pouches can be replaced by others, depending on the nature of the task. It consists of: a shoulder suspender, a belt with strap with fastener, six Ā«2SVD / 1GRENADEĀ» pouches and a combat backpack. Adjustable from 46 to 60 size.

The suspender distributes the load on the shoulders. It has a wide and soft strap, which prevents rubbing. At the ends of shoulder straps in front and behind there are ribbons with metal carabiners for fastening to the belt. Ribbons are adjustable in length, which allows you to adjust the position of the belt in height. On the shoulder straps of the suspender there are hinges for placing additional equipment: radio sets, knives, a pouch for the first-aid kit or for documents and much more. In front of the chest there is a fastex fastener for fixing the shoulder straps. It can be customized for yourself, since the fastener is adjustable in length.

Belt "Tactical" with strap. It is designed for carrying pouches and bags, as part of the load bearing equipment, and for carrying additional equipment not included in the kit. On the upper edge of the belt there are semicircles made of metal, for attachment to the shoulder suspender. A loops is sewn along the entire length of the belt. The strap is threaded into the loops. All pouches are attached directly to the belt. Special belt has a long length and is adjusted with a fastex.

Pouch "2SVD / 1GRENADE". It is intended for carrying: 2 pcs magazines of SVD, TIGR or 1pc grenade (RG, RGD or their analogues). The valve is fixed with velcro and tape with a button. It is fastened to the belt by two detachable sashes on the velcro and button, which allows you to dress the pouch without removing the belt.

Combat backpack. The bag is designed for storage and transportation of additional equipment and personal items. The main pocket is tightened and closed by a valve on two fastex fasteners. Fasteners are adjusted in length by tapes. In the main valve there is a pocket, which is closed on velcro. On the sides of the main pocket there are additional pockets that are closed on the valves with Velcro and tape with a button. All pockets are equipped with drain holes. The bag is fastened to the carbines of the shoulder suspender by D-shaped half rings, and to the strap of tactical belt by velcro with a button.

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Russian LBE RPS-SVD in digital flora (EMR) camouflage.

  • Brand: AzimutSS
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  • $55.00

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